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The Best Cruise Liners for Travel

What are the Best Cruise Liners?


Seahub looked around on Instagram using the hashtag “cruise”. Out of this search, they got over 1.8 million posts. Then, these posts were arranged by the mentions,  specific keywords, and cruise lines. Finally, rankings were determined by case frequency as of February 20.

This is what they found out.

Instagram’s preferred cruise lines

Based on the total range of posts on Instagram, the highest cruise lines are:

1. #RoyalCaribbean (634,369 posts)

2. #CarnivalCruise (499,052 posts)

3. #DisneyCruise (319,495 posts)

3. #PrincessCruises (112,493 posts)

4. #CelebrityCruises (102,726 posts)


Ultimately, Royal was the best because as you can see above, it was the people’s choice. However, Carnival and Disney were part of the top three because they do provide a bit more family-friendly environments which a whole lot of people seem to enjoy. On the other hand, Princess and Celebrity provide customers with luxury rooms and restaurant options which can be appealing for a few.

Furthermore, Royal Caribbean’s ships provide vacationers a slew of Insta-worthy opportunities from surf simulators, nothing lines and a swing college to intense water slides.

In addition, those cruising the Royal Caribbean Instagrammed from luxurious spots like Sydney, Australia; Kotor, Montenegro. It also included  Costa Maya, Mexico.

Also, Royal Caribbean sails to destinations together with Alaska, Asia, Australia, the land, Bermuda, Canada, geographical region, Cuba, Europe, Hawaii, the geographic area and therefore the shipway. On Cruise Critic, Royal Caribbean boasts nearly sixteen,800 “excellent” cruise ratings.


In Conclusion, these cruisers are part of the Imagine Incentives family. They are all great because they provide our clients with options that they can then disperse to their customers. These cruise incentives are a great way to give your customers a WOW experience which ultimately leads to an increase in leads, sales, and online presence. For the reasons listed above, these are our top cruise liners to travel in.